• Inception Cloud

    Subscription for instance of Inception.cloud Live, allowing you to plan and organize your game day and event lineups, and integrate social media into the live event experience. Online training and one-time setup is included with your subscription.

    Your Inception.cloud Live subscription includes:

    - Fully Managed Inception Live Cloud Edition Software on Inception.cloud
    - Software is always up to date with the latest version.
    - Plugins for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, RSS, and Others
    - Content Management Plugin for WordPress and Drupal
    - Story Centric Workflow to Centralize Stories Across all Platforms
    - Collaborative Lineup Editing, Timing, and Playout
    - Social Media Discovery, Moderation, and Playlists
    - Social Media Polling for Twitter
    - MOS Enabled Production Suite Supporting v2.6, v2.8, and above with Secure Cloud Gateway (MOS Device License Subscription Required)
    - Instant Messaging
    - Up to 500 GB of Storage for Social Media Content